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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

We have the ability to heal from within

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This small masterclass of just 6 people is designed to add some oomph to your wellbeing. We’re living in tough times and although we spend money on physical exercises, dieting etc there isn’t anywhere we can go to look after our brains which is why this class is invaluable. With this mind gym there is no monthly tie in, no contract, no block booking, just pay as you go. Each week we shall cover a different topic of concern such as low self-esteem, worry, Covid fatigue etc. This is an interactive group approach to finding solutions, we’ll tap into your hidden resources to find resilience and strengths that have gathered dust in a corner somewhere. 

What is it good for: 
Chaotic, overwhelming, uninspiring life
Desire to change/start/stop something but you don’t take action
Feeling tired, in pain, have a busy brain, can’t relax
Everyone else’s needs come before your own
You need some balance in your life
People who desire change but who would find 1:1 too intense

How your life will change:
Increased levels of satisfaction 
Improved quality of life
Higher self-esteem
Greater confidence
Increased capacity for others
More purposeful living
Protection of the immune system
New friends and confidants from within the group

COVID-19 Response: This will be a socially distanced course, if the weather is nice enough we will hold it in the grounds of Bragborough Hall Health and Wellbeing Centre. People will have ample space around them, hand washing and sanitiser will be available, but we respectfully request you wear a facemark until the start of the session. Sarah will be wearing appropriate PPE for the event.