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You want your life to be calmer, happier, healthier?
Do you want to become more healthy, less stressed, lighter, heavier, fitter, less down/low energy? Bringing about lasting change is an immense struggle, no matter how good our intentions or how great our motivation, it is hard blooming work.

Does this sound familiar?
You go on a diet you lose weight, but then you put it back on and you find yourself eating three times as much or dieting again? You keep telling yourself that you should become more mindful but can’t get past the third meditation podcast.

It’s little wonder; no matter how young or old you are you have behaviours hard-wired within that will kick and scream and resist all of your efforts to change. They are the bits that diets and podcasts and all the other self-help offerings can’t reach; but we achieve this together. My job as a mind-body coach is to set you off on a path of incremental but lasting change.

How do we do this?
Each of us have within us the power to change, however, when motivation is low it is difficult to get started. As a wellbeing coach I am here to empower you, to bring about the changes which are important to you. I am also here to hold you to account. Together we will work at quick-shift changes to get you through tough days and strategies ­–rooted in positive psychology and ancient Japanese Reiki philosophies– to bring about long term change. The programme will be designed especially for you; I am offering a personal service.

Each session lasts 1hr and costs £45 in person at Bragborough Hall or via video call.

What else do you get:
Access to my library of videos (education and exercises)
Access to the Igandic Reiki private Facebook community where you will be able to meet other transforming people
Discounted rate for Reiki treatments (£40 per session)
One or two freebies along the way and a tonne of encouragement.

During transformation you will experience instant gains, but naturally you will also experience setbacks, the difference this time around is that I will be there to make you accountable and to haul you over the hurdles that try to take your legs from under you.

Please note, you should receive an email response within 24 hours. If you don’t please call Sarah on 07496665428. We love technology, but not its failings.