Opening Hours

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Journal therapy is also known as expressive writing, it is a supportive tool used in a coaching or counselling setting for expressing suppressed emotions linked to experiences which have been traumatic or upsetting. t is an essential tool when dealing with people who are suffering an overwhelm of negative emotions and behaviours. Journaling is carried out in an emotionally safe environment and helps you to join the dots between the emotions you are feeling and the experiences or situations which are causing them. There are both physical and emotional benefits to be gained from expressive writing. To book a session please visit email or call 07496665428

Each session lasts 1hr and costs £45 in person at Bragborough Hall although it may be possible to carry this out via the telephone/Internet.

What is it good for: 
Grief and loss
Trauma recovery
Moving on home/job/relationship
Remembering meaningful moments
Poor relationships with food/alcohol/smoking
Making sense of your world

How your life will change:
Reduction in stress
Boost to working memory
Regulation of emotions
Improving overall wellbeing
Enhancing personal empowerment
Greater success with goal achievement