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I came to Reiki in 2010 just after I’d finished treatment for breast cancer; the chemotherapy ravaged my body leaving me fatigued and psychologically I was rinsed out. However, after just one fifteen minutes taster session I was hooked. After my brush with cancer I was impatient to get back to work and before I knew where I was, I was working 50 hours a week again and running myself into the ground. I didn’t make the time to look after myself and even though I was having weekly Reiki I would rush to and from the appointments, I failed to take notice of the good it was doing me so gave it up, that was until 2013 when I realised I needed it back in my life. 

I went back to Reiki as a practitioner – it changed my life; I would Reiki myself regularly and this time I was committed to the process. At first the changes I noticed were subtle: I found I had a new found mental strength and capacity to cope. I began to pay attention to nature and revelled being out of doors and amongst its beauty. I learned how to manage my swinging energy levels, how to withstand heart-breaking losses of loved ones and how to ride the waves of uncertainty and discomfort that come with living in the 21st century.

I now run my own Reiki practice, give 1:1 Mind-Body Coaching as well as teach the Ki-Hô Energy Course. It is all I have learned in the last twenty years about energy work and is based upon the traditional, ancient art of Japanese Reiki. I also volunteer for Macmillan as a Reiki Practitioner, HOPE course facilitator and telephone buddy for those living with cancer. I specialise in Distance Reiki, this is quite a unique offering as many practitioners shy away from it as they prefer the face-to-face delivery of Reiki. It is very popular with my clients; you can read their feedback and some of their interviews here.

Sarah is a qualified, insured Reiki Practitioner who is accredited by the UK Reiki Federation. Additionally she is an experienced, qualified Level 5 life coach.