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Wellbeing Coaching Feedback:
“You’re amazing and so is your story. The world needs people like you to keep us inspired and to give us perspective. Thank you for sharing. You’re a wonderful soul.” 
“Inspirational. What a star.”
“Beautiful and strong woman. Amazing”
“I salute you for being so strong and relentless. You are an amazing and strong lady”
“The definition of inspirational. What a bloody amazing woman”
“You deserve every happiness and success for the future”
“I lost my brother and best friend to cancer so young, it’s such a vile illness but look at you now helping others through it…hats off!”

Reiki Feedback:
“I was a complete cynic! I didn’t know anything about Reiki and when Sarah explained that she could deliver the energy remotely – even though we are miles apart – I politely laughed inwardly to myself. I have a sore shoulder and inflamed joints so was willing to give it a go. I was converted after the first session. I’ve now had 6! The warmth, hums, tingles and waves of energy that I physically feel during sessions; the colours; the relaxation; the (to quote Blur) enormous sense of well-being – just incredible. Sarah is the ultimate professional and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Sarah.”
“Morning Sarah. I’m almost lost for words because that beautiful Reiki session yesterday has had an unexpected effect. The crucial pain in my back has reduced considerably. I really can’t believe the level of relief. Thank you so much for using your incredible skill on me. I’ve had to be so careful when moving because of the pain. Today I’m being careful in case I undo all the good you have achieved. The relief I have right now is incredibleway beyond anything I had dreamed of. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”

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