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In a recent article, I read that being in a toxic relationship with work is harmful to wellbeing. According to Babiak and Hare, authors of Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work, people with disordered thinking are a very real and present danger; lying, manipulative, deceptive, egocentric, callous [1] characters lurking by the water-coolers and hanging out in boardrooms. The most dangerous thing about them? They’re charming and likeable – until you’ve served your purpose. They’re insidious.

However, you don’t need to be surrounded by psychopaths to have an uncomfortable work experience, personality clashes and conflict around work practices and behaviours exist. People like the guy who everyday ate slices of white bread at his desk by pulling out the soft fluffy bit and chewing the crusts (loudly) covering the place in crumbs, his character was such that no one could manage him out of this practice. One boss I heard about would shout and bawl at her team giving them urgent and immediate work to do, who would then publicly berate her individuals for not delivering the stuff they dropped to do the urgent stuff she needed. There’s a fine line between being asked to do your job and bullying.

I could go on but you know the score, you probably have your own bread-eating megalomaniacs to deal with. If you’re the subject of bullying or energy sapping behaviours from colleagues, work becomes a tough place to be. We spend an inordinate about of time there and it is unlikely that the problem will remain in the office; it will follow you home. It’ll skulk in the corner as you yell at your husband/wife/kids/dog/cat; it’ll goad you into drinking more, smoking more, eating more. It’ll kill your passion, it will stifle your creativity, it will suck the life out of you. Tolerance will drop as will compassion, peace, love, forgiveness which is incredibly sad.

So what do you do if you don’t feel ready or able to leave your job? You know things aren’t going to change and you’ve become resigned to the purgatory. But, if you’ve had the life crushed out of you, you probably don’t have the heart for finding a new job, and I don’t blame you… but…

Do you know that by choosing to do nothing your health will suffer?
Do you know you already have the tools which will enable you to survive in your current workplace without damaging your health, or that will lead you to a bright new job you are worthy of.

Most people think that Reiki is a form of energy therapy, which it is, but only in part. Reiki is a philosophy; it has structure and discipline and deep seated beliefs that can make each of us stronger, more self-confident, more resilient, more able to withstand the battering of life in the 21 century. By introducing tiny elements from the practice of Reiki you will notice your ability to have inner calm where there is chaos and peace where there is conflict.

Whether you are a frontline member of staff or a CEO I have a proven practice that will help you regain balance in the workplace. I can teach you how to cope in your world so that you are able to be a balanced and effective leader or member of the workforce. This will give you choice, you can stay but feel calm and unaffected by the snakes in suits around you, or, if you decide to leave your job you will be able to do so as the very best version of yourself.

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[1] Paul Babiak (Ph.d) & Robert D Hare (Ph.d) Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work (2006), p.x

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