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I get asked this question a lot but because we are all unique and require different things it isn’t a straightforward one to answer. However, as a practitioner I have found that when people carry out an action it helps them to be conscious of, and to make a connection to the receipt of the wonderful healing energy. The following three points will set you off in the right direction, but if it raises questions for you, please don’t hesitate to ask me for clarification.

    What is Reiki. At the very least you should know that it is a subtle vibrational healing energy which is drawn down by the receiver through a Reiki practitioner who has been attuned to the frequency upon which Reiki energy is transmitted.

    How Reiki works: It works through the placement of hands lightly touching, very close to or above the body. According to the Asian medical model the “head and torso is the centre of the body’s subtle bioenergetic system.”1 The vibration is passed to the receiver whose own bioenergetic system will distribute the vibration to where it is needed, this could be in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual realm.

    How it will help: The stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system slows breathing, heart rate and reduces blood pressure (among other things). The receiver enters a state of deep relaxation and in this space, healing occurs.

    Knowing what to expect before, during and after will build your confidence and will aid you in being open to the process. The next thing to do is to create the time and space for Reiki.

  2. INTENTION: This is possibly the toughest part. Once you have decided that you are going to try Distance Reiki, the optimal circumstances for receiving it would be to step away from your responsibilities for an hour. Arrange to be left in peace so that you can fully benefit from the shared experience of Distance Reiki. If, however, this is impossible, you can still receive Reiki and it is just effective. I’ll cover this a little further down in the article.

    Once you have set time aside, create a calm space in which to settle. It’s really important it is a comfortable space as sitting or lying down for 45 minutes can be a long time. Play some gentle music if you’d like, ensure you have light throw to hand as it might get a little chilly, and set a silent timer to gently ‘wake’ you at the end of the session.

  3. INITIATE the process: Make yourself comfortable in your space, lightly place your hands upon your head (barely touch it) and take two or three changing breaths (deep breaths using the abdomen to push outwards, this fills the lungs. Squeeze the abdomen to breathe out; breathe in through the nose and out, slowly though the mouth). Then say either out loud or to yourself ‘I am ready to receive the Reiki Energy being sent to me via Sarah’ you will then be ready to snuggle into your comfortable position. This routine is very simple and is a way of marking that you have stopped the busyness of your day and that you have moved into a healing state.

    If you’re unable to set time aside for Reiki you can still enjoy its benefits no matter how frantic your day might be. All I ask is that at the start of your day -or perhaps just before you leave home- you initiate the process by placing your hands on your head, take your changing breaths and say the quote above. It will create some consciousness around the receipt of Reiki energy throughout your day.

    The small actions outlined above all contribute to being open to Reiki, as do knowledge and confidence but I must just point out that if you aren’t able to carry out the simple routines for receiving Reiki the energy don’t worry, Reiki energy is always flowing and when our connection is made you will always be able to draw upon it.

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