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K’Beera or Kibbles as we call her is the most timid of creatures. She scuttles about the place at several hundred miles per hour, crouched to the floor and squealing as she goes. We recently had a new back door put in place and suddenly she was too terrified to come in or leave the building. We don’t know if it was the new glass which reflected differently, the noise, the smell or some other hidden energy that we were not privy to. Whatever it was scared the pants off of her.

I decided that Reikiing the door might help. Initially I felt a degree of resistance in the energy coming back from it, but pretty soon there was a dip in the resistance and the energy felt calmer. I then set about the cat – not literally mind you. She was much more evasive. I couldn’t physically get to her so worked as though I were doing a distance session. I did this three times in all and with each session she has improved.

It’s impossible to tell whether it was time and familiarity that enabled K’Beera to pluck up the courage to use the backdoor, all I will add is that since those three sessions she has spent more time in our company as we watch TV or chill out in the lounge instead of hiding in the back of the house. She’s much more cuddly and appears to be more relaxed. The next challenge is to keep up with the Reiki so that I am able to get her into the travel basket and take her to the vets.

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