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Distance Reiki?
Distance Reiki sometimes referred to as absent Reiki occurs when the practitioner and recipient are in different locations, this can be a matter of feet or hundreds of miles. It is as effective as hands on Reiki and is often more convenient and less stressful for those who do not like to travel, or who find it stressful getting to appointments. Importantly, if someone is unwell at home or unable to get out they can still receive and enjoy the benefits of Reiki. Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah to discuss your needs if you feel a visit to your home would be helpful to you.

How Does Distance Reiki Work?
Pinpointing how distance Reiki works is proving more challenging to the scientific world. Some believe it’s efficacy lies within quantum physics and the behaviour of sub-atomic particles. Whilst not yet proved it could be that Reiki is transmitted in Scalar waves a type of energy that does not loose velocity over distance, this means that it can be sent from one location to another at lightening speed and nothing will prevent it from arriving at the recipient nor diminish its strength en route.

This all sounds complex and difficult to grasp but using the analogy of radio waves it can be described. Radio waves exist, this is something we have all come to accept even though we cannot see them, we know they are there. When a radio receiver tunes in we can hear music, voices etc. Likewise, distance Reiki occurs when the practitioner uses their Level II training and attunements to make an energetic connection–or tunes in–to the recipient using the Reiki frequency, allowing Reiki energy to flow to the recipient regardless of where they are in relation to the practitioner.

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