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Dermot is a nine month old puppy and he was staying with his owner’s parents for three weeks. Like any young dog he has an impish streak, chews what he shouldn’t and is having far too much fun to listen to humans who want to tell him what to do. After the initial excitement of the ‘unusual’ he became distracted and difficult for them to manage. As his levels of mischievousness grew as did his disobedience and puppy nipping, this resulted in someone being bitten. The bite, whilst it bruised the skin was not serious for the person who received the bite, but having a young, large dog who was no longer disciplined was worrying. Sarah carried out three Reiki sessions for the dog who did calm down, in so far as he was back to his usual levels of puppy naughtiness and of course as soon as his ‘mum and dad’ were back he was positively angelic. During the first session of Reiki Sarah was drawn to work in the area of his ears and it turns out that Dermot loves having his ears scratched and fussed.

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