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I rumble on about giving distance Reiki but what happens when I do this.

To start with I prepare the room by cleansing it. I like to use our living room because it is a bright and airy space, sometimes though I also do Reiki in our bedroom because that is a calm, private place and is a nice alternative for when others are home – which is all the time at the moment.

Using ancient symbols I balance the energy within the space and set intentions for what I want to achieve. I usually set the intention of drawing accurate symbols so that connections are strong and the intention of being an effective conduit through which the Reiki energy can travel, ensuring the best outcomes possible for the recipient.

There’s a lot of chatting to myself which goes on; which I either say aloud or to myself, depending upon whether anyone else is home or how I’m feeling. Setting up of the space is a wonderfully calm and happy part of the process. I usually have a broad smile on my face and a light heart when I am doing it.

I will then put on some calming Reiki music and will give myself Reiki for about 15-20 minutes so that I am well balanced and in the best possible state for my clients. By this point I often feel hyper-relaxed and settled.

Once I’ve Reikied myself I then focus on the client I am working with. Usually, we will have agreed a time so that they can lay down for 45 mins and relax whilst I work. Once more the ancient symbols are used, firstly to ensure connection and secondly to underpin the work I am doing. It isn’t unusual for me to gain a good sense of what my client is experiencing, for example I was working with one lady when all of a sudden it felt as though I had lost touch with her. I reconnected again, making a note of the time, and when we chatted after it turns out her daughter had burst into her room and disturbed her at that exact moment.

The process of Reiki is very intuitive; I usually start by imagining the client lying and will begin to Reiki them as though we are together, I scan by hovering my hands just over the body and when drawn to certain areas of the body I will concentrate my efforts in those specific areas. I find this a very effective way to work which has excellent results for the client. I was once doing a session for a dog who was anxious from being away from its owner. I drawn to it ears whilst I worked and discovered afterwards that it loved to have its ears fussed.

After working at the physical, mental and emotional levels I then focus on the spiritual side and at this point envisage joy whilst I am working. Invariably clients comment on how light they feel at the end of the session, which is why it is something I continue to do.

I am routinely told that following a Reiki session clients feel as though they have had a wonderful, deep massage; they report a sense of wellbeing and calmness. Those who have Reiki regularly are also able to re-create the relaxed feeling by thinking themselves into the position and place they were in when they received the distance healing.

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